Our Low-Cost Fixed Fee Probate Service

Wealthguard provides a unique solution to the Probate scandal.

We undertake to provide a personal service that removes the burden from Executors and takes the strain - sensitively, quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

Importantly, our fee is a fixed monetary amount (not a percentage of the estate value) - so you know in advance what the exact cost will be. There are no nasty surprises!

(a) After the death has occurred

If a death has just occurred Wealthguard can be appointed to act on behalf of the Executors named in the Will - or on behalf of the Administrators where no Will exists - as Attorney Executors.

We guarantee to charge a fixed monetary fee of just £1,500 +VAT + the usual disbursements.

No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no hidden costs - just great value for money.

There are no hourly fees, no activity fees for larger estates, no charges for letters, telephone calls and emails - and no ticking meter! And there's no upfront fee to pay either.

N.B. Don't be fooled by competitor Probate services that promote a 'fixed' fee - but which is merely a fixed percentage charge - rather than a fixed monetary amount. And also beware of the added broker fees that must be added to quotations received from Probate 'brokers'.

(b) When drawing up your Will

You can appoint Wealthguard in your Will to act as your Executors after your death.

Our unique guaranteed fixed fee structure takes account of our likely rising costs over time and the date of your death will determine the fixed fee payable, as follows:

Years 1-10 inclusive from the date you sign your Will - £1,500 + VAT + disbursements

Years 11-20 inclusive from the date you sign your Will - £1,750 + VAT + disbursements

Year 21 onwards from the date you sign your Will - £2,000 + VAT + disbursements

There are no advance payments and you will receive a binding agreement to keep with your Will. Even after say 30 years from the date you sign your Will, our fees are still much lower than typical solicitor and bank Probate fees charged at today's rates!

And we've put in place arrangements to honour this pledge into the future - even if Wealthguard should cease to exist.

So, if you've already made a Will and wish to appoint Wealthguard in place of your existing Executor - contact us right away and we'll amend the appointment for you free of charge by Codicil.

(c) When might an additional fee be levied?

Over 90% of the estates we administer pay just the standard fixed fee!

However, in some situations it may be necessary to levy an additional fixed fee to cover the cost of non standard situations, such as:

  • If there are overseas assets.
  • If there is a missing beneficiary.
  • If legal action has to be taken against a third party.
  • If the Will is legally contested or a dispute arises.
  • If the Will is defective.
  • If additional estate planning - such as an Instrument of Variation - is required to provide
    tax savings or other benefits.
  • If the estate is insolvent.
  • If there are significant business assets

Special Notes

  • Where an additional fee becomes necessary - this will also be fixed and will be agreed before any work commences.
  • Where an estate is subject to Inheritance Tax, an additional flat rate fee of £150 (+ VAT) is levied to cover the additional work involved.
  • If additional professional services are required in order to deal with the estate, we will use trusted associates with whom we have negotiated special terms to carry out such matters. The fees incurred are included in the disbursements.
  • As required by law, Executors will receive full accounts on completion.
  • We charge NO fee for applying for the Grant itself (though the Court application fees are payable). Our fees cover the administration work prior to and after the issue of the Grant.
  • Final Tax Returns are always required for Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, etc, - for personal, business or Trust Fund assets, as applicable. These will be prepared by our associate accountants - Bartfields (UK) Limited - on special fee rates which are paid from the estate assets.

  • Institute of Professional Willswriters
  • The Office of Fair Trading
OFT approved code of practice
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