How do we keep our fees so low?

At Wealthguard, when you appoint us we won't ask you to sign a blank cheque!

Due to our highly efficient working methods and low operating costs we'll deal with the estate from start to finish for a fixed monetary fee of just £1,500 + VAT and disbursements - regardless of the estate value or the number of holdings.

No ifs, no buts, no maybes, no hidden costs - just great value for money!

We charge you a fair fee - without excessive profit - and in short, we're not greedy. We're able to achieve this by maintaining low operating costs in the following ways:

  • No expensive city-centre designer office to maintain.
  • No costly regional office network - just one centralised office for the UK.
  • No prestige cars.
  • Rent, rates and general overheads are very low.
  • Workflow is highly systemised and fully computerised for maximum efficiency.
  • We're specialists in Wills, Trusts and Probate work - unlike most solicitors and banks.
  • No wasteful expenditure on glossy brochures.
  • As most new business is received by referral our marketing costs are low.
  • By assisting a high volume of clients, there are economies of scale.
  • Institute of Professional Willswriters
  • The Office of Fair Trading
OFT approved code of practice
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